The "Daily" Photo Challenge [November 2015]

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  1. Continuing on from the great work of View attachment 444682 @ManofKent and View attachment 444683 @NoSeconds and the Monthly POTD Challenge we are here again for the last month in spring (or fall).

    The purpose of this challenge is to encourage and motivate us to get out and shoot and to share our work with the others in the group. Ideally that would be daily, but we appreciate that life gets in the way so a few times a week or just on the weekend is just as okay. No one is judging or keeping count; rather the aim is to encourage you in your photography.

    All are most welcome to participate.

    Copying and pasting the "rules":

    Images may be straight out of camera JPEGs or manipulated to your heart's content. Pushing yourself past your normal comfort levels is encouraged.
    • Try to post a single shot (of ANY subject) taken each day, or every few days or once a week or as often as works for you during the challenge. If you miss a day (or a week), don't worry, no one is judging you. The idea here is to get folks out and making pictures, not to play lunchroom monitor.
    • Since this is a :mu43: forum, images shot with :mu43: equipment are encouraged, but this is not strictly a requirement.
    • Most importantly: HAVE FUN!
    • Add the date you took the photo and if at all possible, try and post within 48hrs of taking the shot.
    • Provide equipment details and find circumstances behind the shot / photographers thoughts interesting, but as with all the "rules" these aren't mandatory!
  2. Sunday 1st November

    Late bloomer...

    OM-D E-M1 P20 f/1.7
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  3. Crdome

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    Sep 11, 2011
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    Saturday, November 1

    Wow! I posted the first image of November. Hopefully it won't be my last. :D

    Went to an estate auction this morning. Amazing objects, but also stellar prices. Of the hundreds of things sold during the time I was there nothing sold fro under $100 and most beginning at over $200. This fun guy is a carved wooden figurine of a Medicine Man, Snake Oil Salesman, or any number of other derogatory names.Certainly they have plied their wares across numerous continents and over millennia since the beginnings of trade.

    This is one of my favorite C-mount lenses. It's from a 16mm movie camera. I haven't used in a long time so I thought this would be a great opportunity. The lens in quite diminutive 1" (25mm) x 1" diameter.

    Kodak Ciné Ektar 25mm f/1.4
    by Chrome Dome, on Flickr
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  4. Hahaha.... Fail!

    Then again, maybe you headstanders run off a different calendar... :biggrin:
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  5. Crdome

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    Excuse me! But don't the rest of you observe "Day Savings" too? Certainly it isn't just my tiny sliver of Indiana that sets out calendar day ahead. Sigh! Non-the-less I let my record as first stand. :confused-53::biggrin::2thumbs:

  6. Ok I'm typing this v e r y s l o w l y now.... Saturday was the 31st of October... :2thumbs:
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  7. barry13

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    Even-numbered months only have 30 days... February, April, June, ...
  8. nzdigital

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    Sunday, November 1st

    Thought I'd better contribute since I posted how keen I was to enter the challenge this month ;)


    Baked a batch of Chocolate Crinkle Cookies this afternoon and decided to photograph my efforts for day one!

    Presume that's what the spirit of the daily challenge is all about - actually getting your camera out to shoot with each day (not necessarily award winning images)?

    Anyway, forced me to use my most favorite, yet least used lens - the Oly 45mm f1.8. Shot this at f1.8 to see how 'shallow' I could get the focus with this lens for food photography.

    BTW - the cookies are delicious :thumbsup:
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  9. Oh noes... Now it's spreading... :hiding: :hide:
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  10. Nice bokeh on that one mate! :thumbup:

    Good to see there's at least one other person on this thread that can decipher the enigma that is the calendar.... :2thumbs: :biggrin:
  11. Crdome

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    Exactly! Now you see why I needed to transfer one of October's 31 days to help fill out Feburary.
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  12. I hope the CDC can contain whatever it is....
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  13. MegletRamblesOn

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    Oct 13, 2015
  14. barry13

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    It was a joke, poorly executed
  15. datagov

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    The Fountains of Freedom

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  16. Nice way to celebrate the All Black's win :) and yes this is what the spirit of daily challenge is about ... if it wasn't I would have failed a long-time ago.

  17. November 1, 2015: Mary Higham (1819-1883) - Merchant

    View attachment 444840
    Mary Higham (1819-1883) - Merchant by Andrew Priest, on Flickr

    Project: Fremantle Cemetery Heritage Walk: Location No. 18 Mary Higham (1819-1883), Merchant

    This photo documents the grave site of Mary Higham and other members of Mary’s family. Mary Higham was a significant merchant (as evidenced by the gravesite ) in Fremantle in the late 1800s and in fact building bearing the family name and where Mary Higham had her merchant business, the Higham Buildings remained in the Higham family until 1974 and the building remains in use a retail site today. If you are interested the building dated 1853 can be found on the corner of High and Market Streets in Fremantle.

    From the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board website [1] we can gleam a little more about Mary Higham.

    Mary Higham arrived in Fremantle with her husband, John, and their two children aboard the Sabrina in 1853. They saw the move as an opportunity to improve their lot. They opened a small bakery and confectionery store, and Mary had four more children in the next five years.

    John died when he was 40 and Mary was left to support six children. This she did brilliantly. With the help of a teenage son, she started a clothing and furnishing emporium, M. Higham and Sons, at the corner of High and Market Streets. She operated the emporium and the bakery, achieving a degree of success that was unusual for a woman at that time. She won considerable respect from the men but was barred from a number of their political, business and social organisations. Her son, Edward, had to stand in for her.

    After expanding the emporium (she won the contract to provide shingles for the Lunatic Asylum) her company diversified – in the manner of Fremantle’s dominant merchants – into pastoral activity, pearling and shipping. Mary Higham resigned from running the company in 1881, handing it over to her son, John, two years before she died.

    There is also a little more on Mary Higham at Wikipedia [2].


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  18. Gerard

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    May 12, 2015
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    image. A walk in a wood
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  19. MoonMind

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    Oct 25, 2014
    Even though I'm not sure if I can manage daily contributions, I'll try. Apart from the real urge to take out my gear in spite of the stupidly busy times ahead, I have a new lens coming - this calls for action.



    EDIT: The bigger picture ...
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  20. nzdigital

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    Hi Andrew

    Yes, Sunday was a good day for us Kiwis :yahoo:
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