The Black Country Living Museum, England

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    The Black Country is a region of England which was the heartland of the 19th century Industrial Revolution. It was an early centre for iron making because reserves of iron ore and coal were located close together and were relatively easy to extract.

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    Most of the heavy industry left after the mineral deposits were worked out, but the area has a rich heritage which is celebrated at the Black Country Living Museum in Dudley, West Midlands.

    List of exhibits - Black Country Living Museum - Britain's friendliest open air museum

    1. The museum is extensive and a restored electric trolleybus provides transport around the museum grounds
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    2. A reconstruction of a working coal mine includes this operating steam winding engine, used to transport miners to and from the pit bottom and coal to the surface
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    3. The winding engine house was carefully removed from its original location and rebuilt at the museum
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