The Big Photo Show - Studio-ish shots

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    Before I show the pictures, I figured I should give a brief synopsis of the event and my thoughts on it.

    I attended The Big Photo Show at the LA Convention Center this past weekend. I wasn't sure what to expect, considering the "free" nature of the event (if you pre-ordered, it was free. Otherwise $25 at the door.), but I was pleasantly surprised. The event itself wasn't big, but it had plenty of lectures/workshops and models in studio environment.

    I can't really comment on the lectures. I didn't attend most of it. The ones that I overheard were very basic lessons aimed at beginners (ie. lessons on aperture, how to meter to take silhouettes, etc...) and the ones that I was curious about were over before I got there (the street photowalk and automobile photography).

    They had a wide variety of things to do there. They had exotic cars if you were into it (and also used for the auto workshop to my understanding) like the McLaren SLR, BTTF DeLorean, (2nd? gen) Pontiac TransAm, etc... There were also some softboxes set up with black and white backdrops with continual lights if people wanted to have a go at it. Unfortunately, the lights were weak and not very useful.

    Finally, they had models that came out and you could try your hand at studio portrait photography. Downsides being, you couldn't move the lights around (although you could request it) and the number of people crowding around forced you to take pictures from some bad angles if you wanted to take any shots at all.

    The first day's worth of pictures were a wash. It was my first time doing any REAL shooting at full manual mode (experimented before) and took some very bad exposure shots. They were also telling people to set camera settings at ISO 800, f5.6... and like an idiot, I followed their directions without thinking why. Most of the pictures at ISO 800 were very noisy (did not expect that). I also left my O45mm at home... Yup. I was stupid.

    I fared better the next day. Realized the night before that I should have adjusted the difference with aperture and shutter speed and lower the ISO to a more manageable level. A lot more keepers.

    Now for the shots! These were also the first pictures that I PP-ed a fair amount. Please C&C.

    P5041630-2 by AbePakPhoto, on Flickr

    Perhaps the cutest model for the first day... Jiff the pomeranian. Attracted more attention than the boudoir model before him. It was hard even trying to get near him.

    P5041507-Edit-1 by AbePakPhoto, on Flickr

    Boudoir photography. Sadly, most of those pictures were the ones that I messed up my exposures on. This was one of my best ones that I had that were usable.

    P5041688-3 by AbePakPhoto, on Flickr

    P5041688-Edit-4 by AbePakPhoto, on Flickr

    Two of the same shots. One's just black and white. Which one do you like better? I personally prefer the b&w conversion, but I've had a lot of people tell me the color is better.

    === Second Day ====

    P5051737-Edit-1 by AbePakPhoto, on Flickr

    P5051986-Edit-4 by AbePakPhoto, on Flickr

    Focus was thrown off on this one ^^^. I probably moved my focal plane too much when I recomposed. Result in a slightly softer shot. Not wholly displeased by the effect.

    P5051937-3 by AbePakPhoto, on Flickr

    P5051805-Edit-2 by AbePakPhoto, on Flickr
  2. abepak

    abepak Mu-43 Regular

    Jan 21, 2013
    SFV, CA
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