The Best Part of Street Shooting is Returning

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    It's true - - - one of the coolest aspects of the work that I do of photographing the people of foreign countries - is returning and having them not only remember me, but provide huge hugs and considering me a friend. That is the case even if I have only met and interacted with them for a few moments.

    My photography allows that to happen . . .

    . . . I returned to the city of Granada 2 years later, after taking a few pictures of a family who lived in the area where we were staying for a two month stint there. Anne and I saw them outside their house and kind of snuck up on them from behind. We had no idea if they would remember us or not - - - but the response was immediate with hugs and crying.

    The man Juan immediately went into the house and came out with his photo book full of family memories. He proudly opened to the pages where prints that I had given him where placed. One day two years earlier, I had asked to take a couple of photos of their family.

    I then handed him my camera (as I often do) and had him take a couple photos of Anne and I. He had those prints as well in his book. Then he pointed the photo out of Anne and I squeezing in tight with funny faces, and implied that a great photographer (him) took that awesome photo of us, and laughed and laughed - really rubbing it in. That photograph was his favourite and he is proud that he took it with a professional photographers camera.

    A few moments later we left. Some day in the future it will be time to visit again hopefully.




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