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Sep 10, 2013
Hagwilget, B.C., Canada
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While removing stumps in the yard outside our cabin, I heard swans calling from a nearby pond.
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The morning cloud cover made the light less than optimum, so I waited for the fog to dissipate before sneaking off to attempt some photos. View attachment 687367

Eventually the sun triumphed and I set off. My first swan pics gave my right thumb plenty of exercise pressing the erase button on my EM1--too far away. In the process of formulating a better plan, I suddenly heard splashing off to my left.
View attachment 687364 Out strode a young bull moose. He had the September Urge, and was on the search for feminine companionship. He was so close that I quickly removed the teleconverter from my 300 Pro. Who says you can't zoom (or un-zoom) a prime lens!

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View attachment 687366
Most moose shots are static. This was far from that and water really helps to show the motion.

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Here's the pesky Tundra swans I never got a good photo of.

View attachment 687365
He trotted across the pond.

View attachment 687360 And into the grass on the other side.

View attachment 687362 One last look before he walked off into the forest on his quest for romance.

View attachment 687363 The moose pond.
As a note: I made several more early morning and late evening trips, sitting quietly by the ponds edge, awaiting another opportunity. I saw no moose and no swans. With wildlife, you've just got to put in the time and hope to be in the proper place in the right moment.
Hope you enjoyed,
Try calling a moose. At the very least, they would stop and look. Always fun calling them in.
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