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    This is a very very short summary of my trip to Thailand&Bali.

    The whole trip didnt start off very well. After my Olympus EM5 went from acting a bit strange in 9fps mode with high shutter speeds, to not being able to close the shutter faster than 1/200, I was growing very anxious. It was only days till me and my family were going on a 3 week trip to Thailand. :eek:
    After having read about faulty shutters and long waits for repairs, I decided that I didnt have the time to send it in for repair. I decided to take it with me as the movie mode worked, unlike the shutter. A discounted Panasonic G5 ended up being my saviour, and after a small negotiation with my dad(as I my pockets are empty and it wasnt payday before the end of the month), I got to borrow some money.
    I was now the proud owner of a Panasonic G5. Anybody who has used both an Olympus and a Panasonic can sign on how different the two different companies execute their cameras in terms of software. So I sat on the plane down to Thailand, with my nose dug deep into the manual, and after about an hour I managed to get a decent feel for the cam. We landed in Bangkok and flew directly to Chiang Mai. The city reminded me very much of Ubud in Bali, as both citys are called their respective countrys cultural capitals.

    There are plenty of things to do around Chiang Mai, visit the zoo, visit the different tribes, spend time looking at the abundance of impressive temples, go rafting, ride an elefant ect. ect.
    Here are some shots from an actionfilled week:

    (all shots are taken with the Voigt 25mm 0.95 or the Olympus 45mm 1.8)


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    We were supposed to go to Koh Tao after spending a week in Chiang Mai, but the weather made us change plans. We substituted two weeks with rain on a small paradise island, for two sunny weeks on the indonesian island of Bali. We stayed a few days in Kuta before we drove off to Amed, or more specifically, Bunatan. We spent the days there at the Anugerah resort, a small but very beautiful resort.

    (all three shot on the Voigt 25mm 0.95, near, or at, 0.95)



    Any critiques, questions ect are deeply welcomed.

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    Glad things turned out Catz...really nice photos, love the 3 with the Voigtlander especially.
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    Two places I've really enjoyed visiting, looks like you had a great time - nice pics!

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    I particularly like the first and last shots. The animals in the zoo look rather sad
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    They looked very sad indeed, and the zoo looked pretty old, but they seemed to have started a total renovation when we were there. My guess is that when the renovation is over, it will be a better place for both the animals, and for visitors. Thanks for the comment, and Im glad you liked my photos!
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    Pandas hate hot, humid weather, even in Chengdu.