Texture study in Oildale, Bakersfield, Calif.

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    Took my new 14mm and 20mm pancakes out for a walk during a break yesterday. Discovered a huge difference of the E-PL3 and my 7D: shutter speed and bright light sensitivity.

    Shutter speed is limited to 1/4000, (opposed to 1/8000) and ISO handles the light differently.

    So, the desert afternoon sun makes it a challenge to shoot wide open.

    Solution: ratchet down the f-stop a few stops from wide open.

    I enjoyed the colors the Olympus extracted with the quality of light.

    Taken ORF Raw and processed only brightness/contrast in Adobe Camera Raw.

    Comments / Critiques always welcome. I'm rather enjoying the community here.

    Oildale Texture Study 1 by staticantics, on Flickr

    Oildale Texture Study 2 by staticantics, on Flickr

    Oildale Texture Study 3 by staticantics, on Flickr

    Oildale Texture Study 4 by staticantics, on Flickr

    Oildale Texture Study 5 by staticantics, on Flickr

    Oildale Texture Study 6 by staticantics, on Flickr

    Oildale Texture Study 7 by staticantics, on Flickr

    Oildale Texture Study 8 - Oleander Tree by staticantics, on Flickr
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