test of roxen focal reducer on a couple of lenses

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    Jun 25, 2014
    i made these shots a day with very even light, all ooc jpegs , sharpness +1, everything else default, natural color, no keep warm, tripod (one is blurry anyway...) , manual focus on the big lichen on the central tree. The lenses:
    tokina 11 16 2.8 mark1(the shade is a liittle off-centered, non-influential)
    nikkor sc auto 50mm 1.4
    compared with the pana 20 and the pana 14-140 mark 2
    also (without the focal reducer)
    soligor c/d7 teleconverter (nikon mount) (really good, love the macro option)
    nikkor 100-300 f 5.6 (with a little fungus)
    sigma 400 mirror
    The results seem interesting to me , so i thought i'd share (first time for me, hope it works):
    http://s26.photobucket.com/user/millhoud/library/lens comparison