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    I was wondering what the stories are behind the people who have chosen to go with the m43 lifestyle, and I do consider it to be a lifestyle choice, everyone has a story and its always fascinating to hear what that is. I realize this could be a very difficult question, so I figure I will tell my particular tale to get the ball rolling, or the camera shooting, :p

    For me the story goes back almost five years now, I was on my way to becoming what I considered great, I had been mentored by such greats as Monte Zucker, and Don Blair, my business was doing great, and I had set my sites on one day being a Canon's Explorer of Light, which is a lofty goal, but if you going to dream, dream like a champ.

    At this point on May 14th 2008, I had what I call a life changing event, or LCE for short, while I won't bore you with the details, the end result of the LCE was my photography dreams, and ambitions were destroyed in the blink of an eye.

    Life went to hell, I couldn't shoot like I used to, we had money troubles a plenty, while I still took pictures for personal projects I swore I would continue, I became pretty much a recluse who did most of my work on miniature toys and objects, (which would serve me well later on), I went from thousands of photographs a year, to taking less than 200, I wouldn't do portraiture at all, my collection of Canon gear collected dust, and most of it went to Ebay to pay bills I couldn't afford to pay otherwise.

    Now that I sound terribly depressed, lets move on to last year, while surfing the web I came across an add for the Nikon 1, and they were touting how it was light and portable, and most important to me, had interchangeable lenses, so I was intrigued, I did some research and discovered that the camera while not for me, was a gateway which lead me to the Olympus E-P3. I decided to clear out all my remaining Camera gear to Ebay, and purchased the camera, it was a match made in heaven, no longer was I constrained to a large heavy bit of tech I couldn't even carry, I had a light, lean, photographic machine which my largest lens on it, was the size of a juice can.

    Then of course I upgraded to the E-M5, gave my wive the E-P3, and just gave my son his own Olympus camera, I have gone all in and I have no regrets! This year I have taken once again thousands of photographs, relearned PS, and I'm happy as a monkey in a banana field :p

    So thats my tale, I could quote William and say its a by an idiot but I won't, please share with me your tales, I imagine they are all quite interesting :p
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