Teleconverter: what is the expected behaviour?

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    Aug 20, 2013
    I am just starting out with some adapted lenses I picked up as part of a Canon FD kit (with AE-1) at a fleamarket.

    I have a Canon FD 50 1.8 which is working awesome with an adapter I picked up from ebay. I have also tried a Canon FD mount Tamron Adaptall 80-210, not a spectactular lens but decent enough. As part of the same Canon kit, I have a Soligor MP Auto Teleconverter 2x to fit C/FD. This teleconverter sits between the lens and the camera.

    When I try it with the 50 1.8 on either camera (the Panny G5 or the AE-1) everything is blurry across the whole focus range.
    When I try it with the 80-210 on the G5, it is working like a close up macro adapter, i.e. will only focus close up. When I try it with the AE-1 it will focus at all focal lengths including 210mm.

    Is this the expected behaviour of the teleconverter? I had hoped to be able to focus the 50 1.8 (effectively making it a 200mm).
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    Teleconverters not only spread the image, thus changing the angle of view; but they also soften the image. This softening is more acute the shorter the focal length of the lens that is fitted and much more noticeable the larger the aperture. A 2x teleconverter will double the effective focal length but it will also cut 2 stops of light and reduce the resolution by a factor of two.

    However you should be able to get some focus with a 50mm and a 2x TC! Soligor is not know for being the best lenses out there so it is possible that it is not a good design. A much better solution optically would be to get a good 100mm or 105mm f2.8 lens. The Nikon series E 100mm would be a very good choice and it is light and compact to boot. Canon also had a nice 100mm f2.8 and an even faster f2{although I bet it is expensive}.
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    Tele lenses are so inexpensive in comparison to 50mm and below that unless you need an extreme focal length it's better to spring for the lens. You can buy 135mm-200mm lenses all day long on flea bay for $20 including shipping. I think the Minolta Rokkor lenses are real great values to be had cheap. It doesn't take much for a teleconverter to mess with your images.