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Discussion in 'Open Discussion' started by vinay, Apr 22, 2012.

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    Mar 18, 2012
    Although my old phase detect DSLR had no trouble tracking kids-in-play at close range and with poor indoor light, my E-P3 is pretty bad.. very hard to actually achieve focus lock..

    So I tried zone focussing.. I had the 14mm on, pointed it at a toy about 2.5 ft away and half clicked the shutter button, switched from S-AF to MF (I setup the record button as a short cut for this)... then clicked away making sure the kids were approx 2.5 ft away from the camera... considering I was shooting at f2.5 the whole time, I'd say that at web resolution, at least 90% were sharp enough...

    But the one thing that I realized was that waiting for focus lock meant I got a lot less photos which had better focus... but zone focussing meant I got a lot more pictures and didn't lose any moments, at the cost that some of the pictures weren't tack sharp... I think that's a reasonable tradeoff - I'd rather have a picture of a precious moment that may be slightly soft than lose the moment because the camera was confused..

    What other techniques are useful for kids-in-play?
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    You may want to try using back-button autofocus as explained by Ned in this post.