Tatra mountains Slovakia

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    Here's a selection of pics from my trip a week or so ago to the Tatra Mountains in Slovakia. It was a great trip, I went on a photo shoot on an organised trip, well worth it :)

    All of the pics using a tripod were with the GH-3 using 7-14, 12-35 and 35-100 Lumix lenses, most of the handheld shots were with the EM-5 also some with the GH-3 too.

    Comments welcome.


    Strbske pleso shrouded in mist.

    Tatras vista

    Spis castle


    Sunrise vista


    Popradske Pleso


    Tribute cemetery to climbers killed on the Tatras
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    Viac, prosim! :biggrin:

    Worked in Bratislava for a number of months some years ago, and I missed this (and it looks like I missed a lot!). Schedule didn't permit, sadly. But oh the adventures of going around that country trying my best at even a mangled version of Slovak is priceless.
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    Alan Grant
    A lovely part of the world, with a great variety of natural and man-made places of interest within a short distance. I was lucky enough to spend a couple of weeks there some years ago, your photos brought back some great memories. I especially liked "sunrise vista".