Showcase Tamron SP AF 180mm F3.5 LD (IF) Macro 1:1

Discussion in 'Adapted Lens Sample Image Showcase' started by piggsy, Oct 11, 2016.

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    And the lens -


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    Unbelievableļ¼ Fantastic ! They stayed still for long enough to allow you to do focus stack? How many shots did you use for each of these magnificent photos please?
  5. piggsy

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    Well, one advantage of natural light is that you aren't limited by your flash cycle time - so you can pretty much go as fast as your shutter (I think 1/160 at the slowest here but 1/200-320 is a lot safer) allows. You can also - subject permitting - get shots where only one part of the subject moves. If you've got that one section leg or antenna complete in any selection of frames, in a way you can isolate it from everything else with a layer or magic wand etc, you just keep that one and composite it in. Photoshop/zerene do a good job isolating local movements IF you give it just that set to work with, so any one piece of a subject that doesn't move in ways that totally screw you (rotating or rolling where you have no data for certain sections of it) can usually be saved.

    The closeups of the orchard butterfly in this set were done like that with the closer shot involving 5 different composites of different pieces into one shot. The total for that one was I think something like 10 or 15 shots at f3.5, which doesn't add up to much DOF for all the work involved aligning and stacking. But still better than trying to salvage macro from what would have been deep into extended ISO trying to get it in one. Most of the others were about 3-5 shots. There's a video guide to how to do this here -

    the only real difficulty I've run into with it is that zerene doesn't really handle alpha-blank bits of a subject, so if you've got bits of the subject at the shot edges and auto-aligning them gives you certain shots with blank space, you need to fix that somehow before it gets sent over.
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    36978785190_d06c102009_h. little friarbird observes spider by PIG, on Flickr

    37646934536_06b6ba1d46_h. currawong stripping casuarina by PIG, on Flickr

    37728255892_b1606036d2_h. spangled drongo portrait by PIG, on Flickr

    37282120386_8d92a6612d_h. grey fantail portrait by PIG, on Flickr

    26297247649_2a95f8101a_h. Australian Brush-turkey by PIG, on Flickr

    37644639842_c30488786b_h. olive backed oriole by PIG, on Flickr

    37364941370_1ff0296bd1_h. butcherbird face by PIG, on Flickr

    36974812914_d411b7bc40_h. fairy wren on vine by PIG, on Flickr

    36817060770_902be8f8f7_h. Brown honey eater by PIG, on Flickr

    36428774304_bbcbd53a6b_h. wood duck at dawn by PIG, on Flickr

    Still ridiculously far behind (I got properly sick, like, medically negligent not to have been sent to hospital immediately sick, don't recommend it at all, go get tests done if you think you are pissing too much at night, it could be an actual Thing) on photos but some I remember having / not having posted here before.
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