Showcase Tamron SP AF 180mm F3.5 LD (IF) Macro 1:1

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  2. And the lens -


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  3. Snowonuluru

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    Unbelievableļ¼ Fantastic ! They stayed still for long enough to allow you to do focus stack? How many shots did you use for each of these magnificent photos please?
  4. Well, one advantage of natural light is that you aren't limited by your flash cycle time, so you can pretty much go as fast as your shutter (I think 1/160 at the slowest here but 1/200-320 is a lot safer) allows. You can also, subject permitting, get cases where only one part of the subject really moves, if you've got that one leg or antenna complete in any selection of frames, you just keep that one and composite it in, and often photoshop/zerene does a good job isolating local movements IF you give it just that set to work with. The closeups of the orchard butterfly in this set were done like that with the closer shot involving 5 different composites of different pieces into one shot. There's a video guide to this here -

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