Showcase Tamron 35-100mm f/3.5~4.3 OM mount

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    This zoom has a macro setting (built in extension tube on an helicoid) able to achieve 1:4 (25%) reproduction ratio.

    This picture is a quick sample of the macro setting, handheld under a desk lamp. Full OOC jpg provided for your viewing pleasure.

    I'm not a scientist (and especially not really keen on mathematics & optics), but this quick test seems to show the 1:4 reproduction ratio is kept on :43: sensor. The width of the watch (real life) is ~35mm, the width of the sensor is 17.3mm, and a non-scientific rule of third between measurements of, respectively, the size of the frame and the diameter of the watch, estimated with a ruler on the screen, gives a projected image of 8.25mm on the sensor for the watch. 35->8.25 is close enough to 1:4 reduction for my taste.

    This kind of zoom was popular in the late 70s' - early 80s' and they were sold under many different brand names (soligor, tamron, etc.) Quality may vary, mine has always been good in the film days.

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