Taiwan, Wulai and Taipei

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    Suffering form a torn shoulder tendon and in need of a holiday, decided to travel over to Taiwan and have a soak in some of their hot springs in the mountains to the south of Taipei. In between hot baths we took a few walks around the town and in to Taipei and grabbed a few pictures in the town and the hills above. Certainly very grateful for light weight m43 equipment.

    Wulai was a cedar logging town that reinvented itself with tourism. There are indigenous people here who predate the Han Chinese settlers by centuries. Used the PL45, PL25, Voigtlander 58 and the Samyang fisheye.

    Wulai town.
    Swimmer in the green river.
    Empty boats
    Tree ferns in the mountain valleys
    Off the bridge
    Concrete Rabbits at the MOCA
    BIGPOW at the MOCA
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    Wonderful shots.
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