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Sep 6, 2019
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Yes, and in regard to comparing EVFs, while I have not tried a Fuji EVF, the G9's is really really good. No complaints about it at all. If I did ever get a Fuji camera, it would need to have an EVF at least as good as the G9's. If it happened to be better, that would be a bonus.


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Sep 26, 2015
The G9 VF overall is excellent, the Fuji XT3/4 VFs are indeed smaller (.83x vs.75x) but the optics they use result in a better viewing experience for me. When trying out the G9 VF I always got fuzzy corners unless i scaled down the size of the image (nice feature on G9), and it has noticeable pincushion distortion which bothered me. I commend Panny for focusing on creating excellent EVFs, for my use case its an essential part of what I look for in a camera, and an area where Olympus is currently lagging
Jun 23, 2017
One last point is that the build quality of the Fuji cameras is darn good.
I found this so interesting, as I had the opposite reaction - the Fujifilm bodies I tried (XT1, XE1, XE2, XT100, XT20) all felt somehow hollow to me, and I didn't like that.


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Jul 13, 2020
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Same here, however I've only handled the X100V, X-Pro2 and X-Pro3 so far. All of them felt very good in terms of build quality, with both X-Pros still a notch above the X100V, most likely due to the beefier construction.


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Aug 12, 2012
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I found this so interesting, as I had the opposite reaction - the Fujifilm bodies I tried (XT1, XE1, XE2, XT100, XT20) all felt somehow hollow to me, and I didn't like that.

The Fuji bodies I’ve had - two XT3s and a current XT4 have all felt very good in terms of build quality and have a nice heavy sturdy feel to them
I cannot relate to @melanieylang ’s experience of Fuji bodies feeling ‘somehow hollow’
Have not had any issues with mine
I can relate to both. I briefly owned the X-M1, owned the X-E3, and owned 2 X70s. The early bodies definitely felt a bit hollow to me. That includes the X-M1 I owned, the X-E1/2, and original X100 I played with a few times and considered getting.

The X70 and X-E3 I owned and X-T2/3 I've played with all felt notably better.


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Jun 20, 2015
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When we have new gear we search for good light and we find it and we adore what we get. When in reality, our old camera would have been just as good in that great light. That's my take after going back and forth between different camera systems the last 13 years.
Yes I have joked (here I think) about that in that every time a new model comes out from a company the reviews will most often talk about the improved image quality or better dynamic range or less noise or other supposedly noticeable image quality improvements. They have been saying this for decades now so you would think looking at my old 2MP Oly C-20202Z photos can comparing it to my Oly E-M1 photos the OMD shots should be spinning in 3D space in front of my eyes with incredible detail. And while the OMD certainly takes better shots, reviewing my Flickr stream, most of the normal shots outside on a sunny day, one would be very hard pressed to determine which shots are the C-2020Z or the C-770UZ or the E-1, E-520, E-30, or the E-M1.

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