Swallows Day Parade

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    Every St Joseph's Day (March 19) the swallows return to San Juan Capistrano after a 6,000 mile trip from Argentina. The monthlong celebration is known as Fiesta de las Golondrinas, or Swallows Festival.
    This year's Parade was the 54th Parade, which bills itself at the largest nonmotorized parade in the US. There we 11 Marching Bands and over 400 horses participating. Most of the images below were taken with my E P3 and Panny 20 and Oly 45. Some were also taken with my E PM1 and 20.

    Swallows Day Parade by CapoDave, on Flickr 7012444843_496455507c.jpg
    Dancer by CapoDave, on Flickr
    Swallows Day Parade by CapoDave, on Flickr

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    P3241360 by CapoDave, on Flickr

    Posse by CapoDave, on Flickr

    P3241369 by CapoDave, on Flickr

    P3240820-001 by CapoDave, on Flickr
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  2. Great parade, very colorful!
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    love the pix, thanks
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