Supermoon today and tomorrow

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    Today, Oct 15, 2016 and Oct 16, 2016 there will be a super moon. That means a combination of closest approach (largest viewable size) and also a completely full phase.
    So if you want to take a moon picture, today and tomorrow is the day. But it happens about 3 times a year so you'll get more chances.

    For those that don't remember the rule, even at night, the moon is a sunlit object. The old rule of thumb for sunlit objects: 1/ISO shutter speed at f16; e.g. if you have a 300-400 mm telephoto then possible manual exposures of equivalent EV are
    1/250th, at ISO 200 at f16
    1/500, ISO 200 at f11
    1/1000th, ISO 200 at f8
    1/2000th, ISO 200 at f5.6

    if you wanted to fine tune it and have your camera set for 1/3 stop ISO selections then you can use ISO 250.

    Supermoon 2016, Hunter's Moon to rise this weekend
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