Super-resolution concepts

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    Mar 14, 2012
    What do you guys think about this?

    Super-resolution - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I found this video processing software which is not commercial it's used in forensics by police and military:
    [ame=]MotionDSP's Ikena ISR Software, Accelerated by OpenCL - YouTube[/ame]

    Also there is it's commercial version with much lower capabilities:
    [ame=]vReveal. Powered by NVIDIA GPU with CUDA - YouTube[/ame]

    Also there are image processing software's that use this concept, like:
    Take Better Photos, reduce noise, increase quality and resolution of digital photographs. Leading superresolution technology.

    It seems to be very interesting, I always thought that those scenes from 80's movies when they upscale and see license plate numbers are silly :smile:
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    This is exactly what many Sony cameras do in body. It works really well.