Sunrise at Diamond Point

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    Nov 19, 2014
    I was up at 0330 local time yesterday to drive to one of West Virginia's premier playgrounds to catch the sunrise. Arriving at the New River Gorge's Fern Creek Trailhead at 0630, I spent the first 3/4 mile using a flashlight to follow The Endless Wall Trail. By the time I got to Diamond Point, I could see the trail well, which is a good thing, because the line of cliffs are hundreds of feet high. When I left my house, there was 100% overcast. By the time I reached Diamond Point, there wasn't a cloud in the sky. The results were well worth the early wake-up call. E-M1 + ZD 4/3 14-54 Mk II.


    The New River is over 900 feet below my elevation:


    Shortly before sun-up. The Endless Wall Trail follows this cliff line, sometimes skirting the edge of the cliffs. Rock climbers are so prevalent on these and other nearby cliffs that the parking lots will be overflowing on nice days like yesterday.


    View near Diamond Point toward another prominent outcrop. I can't imagine hanging from this by my fingertips!


    Looking across the gorge toward Craig Branch Falls. Claimed by some to be the highest waterfall in the gorge, the trail to those falls was described to me by a park ranger as potentially "difficult and dangerous". I'll stick with the long range view, thank you very much!


    Finally, an early morning view from the bottom of the New River Gorge. I never grow tired of this place.

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