Sunny afternoon in Piccadilly Circus

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  1. onlyablur

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    Jul 3, 2012
    Hi, this is my first time posting photos on this forum. I picked up a Helios 28mm f2.8 a while back and finally got around to go out and shoot with it. I don't think I will keep it because I found it a bit difficult to focus and it's very soft throughout. It sometimes produces dreamy colours like my SLR Magic 35mm 1.7, which I like, but this Helios is just too soft. Thanks!

    These are with some PP:

    _B112686 by Onlyablur:, on Flickr

    _B112690 by Onlyablur:, on Flickr

    _B112708 by Onlyablur:, on Flickr

    _B112713 by Onlyablur:, on Flickr

    _B112716 by Onlyablur:, on Flickr

    These two straight out of camera:

    _B112694 by Onlyablur:, on Flickr

    _B112718 by Onlyablur:, on Flickr
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    Sep 23, 2012
    Nice series, picture number 3 and 4 is very good but the fifth stand-out for me the person with a sign is very interesting subject. :)