Sumthin' you mightn't see much of...... movin' your house


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My brother yelled out, quick get your camera. I ducked inside and grabbed the GF1 and plonked the 45-200 on it and raced back outside. Something was coming down the road that you guys probably wouldn't see much of- a house on a truck. Yep, houses get moved here. Not often though but it's done (we've had 3 Houses trucked to our place)

Heres what I got as it came past.......

at 184mm f5.5
<a href="" title="P1050002 by iconindustries, on Flickr">View attachment 147070"1024" height="450" alt="P1050002" /></a>

<a href="" title="P1050008 by iconindustries, on Flickr">View attachment 147071"1024" height="578" alt="P1050008" /></a>

As you can see they must have taken the very top part off the roof. To lift the house high enough to put on a trailer is considerably tricky. They use jacks to lift them up slightly then put a blocks of wood (aka the Dolly's) underneath the bearers, let the jack down, block it and go for another lift. Quite a few times of repeating the same thing and you get it high enough to back the low loading trailer underneath. Unloading is done the same way but in the opposite sequence. The trailer can be lifted or lowered slightly by hydraulics.

Looking at this picture afterwards surprised me a bit. Look at the picture closely and you can see the power wire running across the road. (Above the cab of the truck). Now line up the top of the house and the wire! I'm glad we still have power. He passed our driveway here at about 60klm.

<a href="" title="P1050009 by iconindustries, on Flickr">View attachment 147072"1024" height="575" alt="P1050009" /></a>

Passing by (103mm at f5)

<a href="" title="P1050014 by iconindustries, on Flickr">View attachment 147073"1024" height="575" alt="P1050014" /></a>

Although this is a bit blurry, it looks like the house is tipping to one side a fair bit. If I was driving I would have slowed down as I went around the corner! You'll see the escort Cop car in the front.

<a href="" title="P1050027 by iconindustries, on Flickr">View attachment 147074"1024" height="609" alt="P1050027" /></a>

So there you go. I don't know if you've seen this done before but I reckon it's pretty cool.

An old friend of mine was telling me that back years ago when he was young, the farm he worked on had an old house right at the end of the acreage near the river. Anyway he and his boss went up there one day to check on the cows and you wouldn't believe it, the house was gone. Someone come and stole it. True story, fair dinkum.

This old fella I was talking to is a bit of a character himself and he was also telling me that when he worked on the farm, his brother lived with him in the farm house. His brother was supposed to be working for the boss as well but apparently he was just plain lazy. And used to sleep in. Anyway the hard working brother was getting fed up with him not doing any work and one day when he was tractor driving, he thought to himself I'll wake him up. His plan was to bore past the house in the tractor flat out. He did that, but unfortunately he forgot about the axle sticking out past the rear wheels (the axles on John Deere tractor's are like that so you can add on Dual wheels) So with the added on extra half a meter axle, you can only imagine what happened. The axle hit the corner of the house as he belted passed, nocked the house so hard it tore it off it's stumps and smashed up the wall and flung the tractor inwards. Lazy brother was nocked clean out of his bed and I wont describe what went on after that. Both of them are still alive today, so they must have sorted it out. Another true story.

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I have a funny story unrelated to photography but related to houses being on the road...

A while back when I was in Los Angeles... There's a couple of major highways going north and south it was either the 101 or 405 I can't remember which. As usual it was backed up and when highways in LA get backed up... they're seriously backed up - like for 2 hours etc... They announced on the radio, that a house had caught fire - in the middle of the highway. Apparently they were moving a house around and *some how* it caught fire...

Like what are you suppose to say to that? "Sorry I'm late for work, I got caught behind a flaming house on the highway." How does that even happen? was some one in there cooking while being driven down the highway?

anyways that's my story for the day :smile:
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Icon, thanks for these - and good for your brother for sending out the call!

I have seen old houses moved but only about two or three times in my life - but these photos documenting it with your background story are great to see. Thank goodness it didn't fall off or take your power lines down!

Squeegee - yours is a scary story!


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I live in Alabama, it happens all the time.

They tried to move a historical house a few years ago. They could only move it a few feet a day. It took them 3 months to move the house. They moved it to a different part of downtown, spruced it up, and turned it into a teen halfway house. Its actually quite nice now.

Very interesting pics.
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This shows an old bus on a rally entering my village on the main A class road (I stress main A class road), this shows why, when we move house in the UK, we leave the old house where it was, you certainly wouldn't be able to move it on the roads around here. We do have a regular 93 bus service but with somewhat newer vehicles.
Do they have to move roadside signs to move a load like that, I've seen that many years ago when working in the oil industry in Saudi Arabia. The roadside signs were placed in holes and could be taken out and laid down so that drilling rigs could pass by, the signs could then be stood up again.

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grebeman, I could only imagine.

The first time I saw a home moved was when I was driving up from Jacksonville, FL to Huntsville, AL to visit the college. My father decided to go the back way up through two lane roads in Georgia. We got behind a flatbed moving a doublewide. When a car came in the opposite direction, the flatbed would have to move slightly off onto the shoulder for the oncomming car to get by. It was one of the funniest things I'd ever seen. The wheels on the flatbed were wobbling all over the place, and insulation and siding bits were flying everywhere down the road everytime the driver had to move over for another car.

Luckily we were able to finally go around him.


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Cool! We actually see that happen quite a lot in the US (lots of mobile homes around), but still it's something to see every time it happens.