Successful EM-5 II repair, set-up

Discussion in 'Olympus Cameras' started by Hendrik, May 6, 2016.

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    First, the good news. I put my EM-5 Mark II (failed on/off switch, weakening IBIS) in the mail to Olympus service in CT last Saturday (4/30). I figured I would give them until about Thursday (5/5) to log in the repair and get back to me with a status report. So Thursday rolled around and so did the UPS truck with the repaired camera. Now for the unfortunate news: total setting loss (firmware upgrade). Thanks, but…

    Olympus can’t come up with some means of saving and restoring settings to/from card or computer soon enough for me. That’s soon enough as in yesterday would have been way too late. How about offering an opportunity to save settings with every card format? That doesn’t seem too undoable to me. Grumpph.

    Setting a camera up once every year or so doesn’t do much for fluidity of process. So, having gone through set-up within the past 24 hours, I thought I’d write myself a trot for next time and share.

    Date and time

    Copyright (Custom, H, Copyright settings)

    I maintain a record of my Myset settings in a spreadsheet. (Pp 152-158 in the English language manual can help here.) The first column of settings reflect the defaults, the second column is devoted to changes I make to them for normal shooting. The next column of info is Myset 1, followed by columns for 2 through 4. I only populate cells with deviations from default so I know which items need attention. I also give each Myset a descriptive name (C’mon, Olympus, please, please?)

    So, I go down the column for Myset 1, changing the camera settings as I go. There are still a few settings that need to be dialled in. First, shooting mode on the mode dial. Second, the exposure values I want to come up when I punch in Myset 1. (This is especially important if you will be assigning Mysets to buttons or Mode Dial positions (my practice). After this is done, then save the Myset (Myset 1, right arrow, OK). Only after the Myset is populated may it be assigned to a Mode Dial position.

    Finally, not set-up per se but important. Keep in mind the difference between changing from one to another Myset (OK, up arrow, OK) and saving it (right arrow, OK). The fact that overwriting a Myset involves fewer steps than changing back and forth is dangerous and constitutes a field mistake just waiting to be made (he says from bitter experience).
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    I feel your pain. Mine is in for repair now and I just had to replace my EM10. For future reference has spreadsheets to document the settings for EM1 and EM10 - they can be adapted for EM5.

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  3. I have had to reset my EM-10's 3 times now, what a pain. The other problem that I have found is that none of my cameras would sync the GPS on the first set of photos after coming back from repair. After the first set, everything was fine.

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