Stylus 1 RAW files - my attempt at using Olympus Viewer again

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    Decided to make another attempt to process some Stylus 1 RAW files using Olympus Viewer 3 (can't wait for Apple to update Aperture!!!!). Program is still slow and clunky in my eyes, but it does a nice job. Wanted to see if you could get more detail out of the RAW files - rather than OOC JPEGs. My grandson was sitting in some nice window light and took a bunch. These two were Aperture priority, f2.8 for both Shot RAW+JPEG. One "issue" of OV3 is it tries too hard to duplicate the OOC JPEG look - though I guess that is the whole point. Comparing the OOC JPEG to a JPEG exported from OV3 and the RAW file converted and then exported as JPEG from OV3 they are all very close. There looks like some slight (looking at 100%) increase of details in the RAW file. Please note - I did not change any of my standard in-camera settings (Noise Filter OFF, Gradation (NORMAL), Saturation/Contrast/Sharpness 0). Did not even apply any noise reduction afterwards. First shot was ISO 100, second was 800.

    Overall, very happy with the camera. Upon inspecting some of the shots - even the low ISO ones - I agree that there is a bit of noise (again, I tend to turn off all noise reduction and prefer to apply it myself afterwards) when shots are viewed at 100% in the shadow areas. But considering that this is still considered a P&S small sensor camera I am very satisfied. Can't wait to get Aperture updated for the RAW files so I can do a more direct comparison with the XZ-1 and XZ-2 files that I have.

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