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    There has been some recent questions about "which systems will make it" etc. etc.

    That just go my curiosity up. Over on DPR, I have often compared how much chatter goes on in each forum. Just for fun, I looked at each Forum as of 11pm Sunday night, and looked at the age of the last message on the top page (how's that for a crude measurement!).

    Forum --- date of last message at bottom of first page (i.e. everything on the first page is more recent than, e.g. 13 hours ago with m43)
    • m43 --- 13 hours ago
    • Sony FF e-mount --- 1 day ago
    • Sony APS-C e-mount --- 2 days ago
    • Fuji X --- 2 days ago
    • Samsung --- 5 days ago

    On DPR, m43 has always been one of the heaviest trafficked forums, AFAIK. Now, if you combined the 2 Sony forums, it could look different, but I'll bet m43 still holds it's own.

    For fun comparison:
    • Canon FF --- 5 days
    • Canon APS-C --- 1 week
    • Canon EOS-M --- 2 weeks
    • Nikon FF --- 2 days
    • Canon and Nikon Lens forums --- 1 week and 2 days, respectively
    • Leica --- 3 days (more activity than I would have thought!)
    • Sony SLR --- 1 week

    And bringing up the rear at least in my sample --- Kodak SLR --- 10 months ago
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