Street by Night ... share your shots if you have em...

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    Oct 28, 2013
    Hi Guys,

    I enjoy street photography. It is probably my favourite type of shooting.

    I've decided to sell my Fuji X system to fund additional lenses for my new EM-1... possibly even pick up the 0.95 voigtlander for the purposes of night shooting.... but my experience with manual focus lens on the Fuji was fairly off putting, so I'm nervous to spend out such a huge chunk of change for a non autofocus on the Oly.

    (BTW I do have a background in film originally and used to zone focussing... but the Fuji autofocus lenses that I had didn't have DOF scale on the lens or have split prism for focusing). I'm new to Oly so preferably would prefer to trust autofocus first till I get the hang of it. I love the scale on the side of the 12mm Oly lens.... a big deciding reason to move to the Oly.

    So I am considering starting starting with 12mm, 45mm, 17mm in additional to the 12-40 zoom. Possibly also considering the 25mm Panaleica or 17mm Oly (optinions??)

    The Oly lens rendering is a big deciding factor for me. I really like the Oly look , colours and the bokeh from the 75mm and LOVE the shots I'm seeing from the 12mm.

    Up to and around ISO 1600 I'm aware that there shouldn't really be any real noticeable IQ differences between Fuji and Oly (more a case of which rendering you prefer, which colour interpretation you prefer) even when blown up....

    However, beyond that from 3200 onwards, I'm aware that the Oly will introduce some noise. However, from reading the blogs and reviews, my understanding that the pixel pitch of the m/43 compact sensors means that when noise does occur, it is super fine grained and more 'film like' so noise in this sense isn't perceptively bad. Lending itself very well to B&W's.

    I would love to see any dusk / night street shots that you would be kind enough to share. Also please share ISO / focal length / Lens / Shutter speed / Aperture!

    What I am hoping to get from this is learn (from you guys) is how best to work the pro's of the m/43 format for one of the types of shooting situations that I like shooting most.

    Many thanks,

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    Hi Tom, I just came across this thread while I was thinking to create one...

    When I saw this guy, lit from below, I knew this was going to look good as a high-contrast B&W... I kept shooting until I got a shot with his face well-exposed (every time he turned, his face would frequently be very dark or very bright).
    EA081341 painting in the dark 1600x1200.
    E-M1, 58mm f/1.2 Rokkor (prob. wide open), 1/30", ISO640. Lots of adjustments in RawTherapee to get the high-contrast look, but NR completely disabled.

    E9161867-HK stoplight building -1080p.
    E-M1, 12-40Pro @12mm f2.8, 1/5" (handheld), ISO 400

    E-M1, Oly 17mm @f1.8, 1/30", ISO500
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    Mar 7, 2014
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    This one was severely underexposed due to user error (I was trying to take a picture with the moon and had locked the ISO), so I had to push it a lot in PP:
    Gangster, Downtown Disney, Anaheim:
    E8301316-Tomorrowland Rebels 1000px-3.
    O45mm @f1.8, ISO200, 1/50, +2.65EVin PP.
    I see now that it would look a lot better if I raise the black point, but I'll leave it alone for now.
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    @tomO2013@tomO2013, I see you got an E-M1, so you'll need to post your shots too!