Street Art: Please Post your Pictures

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  1. I couldn't find anything on street art which is becoming popular around here and I suspect elsewhere. The art I am seeing is more "formal" or I suspect commissioned art than say graffiti for which there is a thread for already. Anyway if you have images of street art or know of a more suitable thread please do share.

    Pixalation by aushiker, on Flickr

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  2. Itchybiscuit

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    Is this the sort of thing you mean? It's a mural on the side of a building here in Glasgow:
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  3. Yes. To me it has a style which is quite distinct from graffiti. We have murals like this as well as portraits and other drawings/art on walls, e.g, such as this work of Dame Dorothy Tangney DBE

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  4. torsteinh

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  5. Really like this one. It has a sense of being in front of the building rather than on the building. Thanks for sharing.

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    Brent Watkins
    Not great photos, but fantastic murals. Downtown Boise. The first mural, I just think is cool.

    The second mural, portrays Margaret Lawerence, a local icon in Boise for decades. She also, happens to be the daughter of one of my personal favorite historical figures Robert "Two Gun" Limbert. I had several opportunities to hear first hand family stories from Margaret when she was alive and owned a cool little store in the North End called Hollywood Market. I think it's a yoga place now or some other trendy thing like that.


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  8. NoSeconds

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    Grand Theatre Lane in Perth CBD

    OMD EM1 P20 f1.7



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    Does this count...?

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