Straight Talk Image Discussion Group Now Forming


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Due to popular demand and many request, we are forming a C&C group for members of the board.
Please join in and contribute your images and words of wisdom so others may SEE and read your point of view.


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:daz: I will, however I will choose my photographs carefully. Am I correct that this is something that has no time constraints? As in, if I feel like submitting this week but not next....? Also wondering how it works...perhaps I'd better go over and see what you've outlined...which is where I am heading with my cup of coffee right now!


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This is still a democracy. The members of the group will decide how thing work and I will just lightly moderate.
I have a thread started where everyone can post their ideas.
At the end of the weekend, we'll get everything in place.

Amin Sabet

It seemed like most of the opinion in the other discussion thread was that critiques ought to be given only when solicited. Members can request C&C in a blog (PAD or otherwise), or in a thread in the Image Works forum, but it's good to have a group where the understanding is that everone participating wants C&C.

Great idea for a group!


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Great idea Don. More fun. Anyway I understand at least is my situation that C&C are always wellcome, I don´t mentioned it on my post on the blog or in weekly request, buy I understand that C&C it what gives "live" to blogs, contest, galleries,etc,etc:2thumbs:


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Idea! Please don't burn to many brain cells....
Ya might need them....

What Idea praytell?
I was referring to your brilliant idea... My brain cells were pretty much used up in the mid 90's.. Not sure where they are now... Can't wait to participate.... When do we start????


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I am new to this - never done it before - and I am trained as a "bean counter"

I like to see structure, (boring I know), and I like words like scaleable

Can I suggest a structure whereby C + C is split into (various) sections - you guys know more about what they should be than me, but I was thinking on the lines of say a "technical section" where the technical aspects of the image were discussed and advice given in this regard and then say the subject matter etc. plus maybe more

also we could then build up data on HOW images should be C + C ed and what to look at etc.

or is this too simplistic


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Bill and all,
please join the group and post your ideal ideas.
Bill, please, we need you there....
Oh - I see there's a GROUP - I thought that those, (Groups), had gone

I'm in - just buying my "chips" - the stakes may be high - purple, orange for starters


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One of the forums I visit occasionally has a C&C group which has a rule that if want to post you must provide C&C on at least one other picture. I think the intent is to ensure that everybody has some feed back. There is nothing more dispiriting than to post an image and have no response.


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Kathy, Kathy, Kathy...

The other way to look at it is...
if you post and no one responds. it means the image is perfect....


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There is no perfection in life or death for that matter.
You should let go of expectations and just enjoy the process.
I promise, if you join the group and post, I will respond....

Brian Mosley

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Also, if you post to the PAD Kathy, I guarantee you will have many thoughtful comments to every image... it's a big part of the motivation for us to reach our 90 day goal!