Straight Jacket

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  1. Robert Watcher

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    Walking through the city, I came upon this door and found the straps and locks interesting - and angular so that when I raised my camera I could see a dynamic composition.

    After processing the image to my taste, I posted it on Instagram with the simple title of Textures of Central America. Then this morning, I woke up and looked at the image again and what immediately came to my mind was a Straight Jacket. So that is my interpretation of the pretty cool door and what I am titling the image. Do you suppose that watching an escape artist on Pen & Teller's "Fool Us" last night - had anything to do with it (LOL)? Photographed with Olympus EM-10 and 14-42mm @ 22mm

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  2. Robert Watcher

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    I came across this subject matter this morning. After taking the pic, I got the same feeling that I did with the straight jacket image above - - - seems like something out a Houdini museum. LOL

    Normal things that we see back home, don't look anything the same in Central America.

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