Stereoscopic or 3D Imagery

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    Based on a post by Kasper on, I have been trying this out. I'm really enjoying this and thought i'd see if anyone else has an interest. Heres the credited post:

    "I don't know how many of you have a serious interest in stereo photography. I've been using the left-foot/right-foot technique for donkey's years, but it's only since I went digital that I've been abl to make much of it, not being a a darkroom person (or rich!)

    Brian May, of Queen, produced a book based on a series of stereo cards from the 1850's called A Village Lost and Found. He resurrected the defunct London Stereoscopic Company, original publishers of the series: London Stereoscopic Company - Official Web Site. THere is a travelling exhibition in the UK, which is worth a visit."

    and heres my recent attempts:

    To see the effect, focus on the image on the left, cross your eyes till the two images overlap (concentrate on the main subject) . Once they come into focus, the image should look 3D




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