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    The newest marketing trends always seem daunting at first. You don’t know
    how you are going to possibly make the change or figure out how to use the
    new social media platform, but once you finally have it figure out, it
    increases your customers significantly. That is why you need to stay on top
    of marketing trends. Otherwise, you could easily get left behind and

    Just like a dinosaur

    If the dinosaurs were able to better adapt to new environments, they would
    have probably survived, but not being able to adapt meant they were
    destroyed. In an ever-changing market like we have now, it is essential
    that you also know how to adapt or you may end up dying. As Forbes points
    out, in just forty years, there have been drastic changes in technology.
    The first 2.5 percent of businesses on top of new marketing trends are
    innovators, and the last 16 percent are dinosaurs. The sooner you get in,
    the better it is for your business.

    From Fax to Email

    It seems the only businesses that use fax anymore are doctors offices,
    which makes your life miserable if you ever try and get your medical
    records. They can get away with it, but you definitely can’t. Forbes shows
    us that having a fax machine, less than 40 years ago, was a huge deal. And
    if you didn’t have it, you were falling behind. Now, having a fax machine
    means you are much older than your competitors. It may be necessary to have
    in case you ever need it, but in general, it is something you should never
    keep. Instead, we have a little thing called encrypted emails. In less than
    40 years, we completely changed the way we do business, and it has made a
    huge difference to how we communicate every day. That same kind of thing
    has happened with marketing.

    From billboards to social media

    Marketing has changed a lot too. You may choose to do billboards still, but
    most companies make the smart decision to stick with social media. Back in
    the day, people were out a lot, so businesses wanted to follow the
    marketing trends of the time and market where the people were. Now, people
    stay indoors more and spend most of that time on social media. The new
    marketing trends now tell you to start advertising online where people are
    spending most of their time. It is the best way to be where your customers
    are. Social media is where your business needs to start.

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    Staying on top of marketing trends. Part 2 - Olympus.

    From 'Pro' to 'Pro'
    Traditionally when camera manufacturers have launched a 'pro' camera they have looked to leading, charismatic 'pro'fessional photographers to help market their top of the line products. Olympus has historically followed in this tradition using 'pop' superphotogs like David Bailey to front their products. TV adverts during the 1970s and 1980s are lovingly remembered by nostalgic photographers around the world. Such classics as 'You're David Bailey, no I'm David Bailey...No seriously I'm David Bailey' and 'Cor...blimey...look at the legs on 'err' are pretty much written into the anals of camera marketing.

    Now Olympus is setting the pace with its latest groundbreaking 'Pro' release - the E-M1 - which looks set to capture both the hearts and minds of serious photographers around the world. Times have moved on and 'pro' longer just refers to photographers who use cameras as part of their day job but products suitable for serious 'pros' like superstar pro footballers. Olympus has chosen 'pro' footballer Keisuake Honda to head up up the E-M1's marketing campaign in Japan where Olympus's mirrorless products are very popular. It is obviously a major coup for Olympus to be able to sign up one of Japan's leading football stars to market the product. Honda explains his reasoning in an Olympus promotional video...

    'A couple of years ago, nobody took Olympus seriously. Their camera were missing a pc sync port, shutter speed was a maximum of 1/4000th of a second and they had a really big square focus point'

    Keisuke Honda goes on to praise the E-M1's weather sealing 'Its bloody cold here in Moscow' he says. He also went on to say that Canon and Nikon cameras simply couldnt compete.

    'There is absolutely no possibility of me marketing Canon or Nikon cameras' he said 'unless they they offer me more money.'

    Back in the UK, Keisuke Honda's international football fame and the advantages of a 'pro' camera are not lost on football supporters 'My mate Barry uses an ifox to take photos of football matches and share pictures on Facebook' says Dave a lifelong supporter of Man Utd for over 30 years 'but yer aint much good for close ups and its wide depth of field means that it is difficult to separate the players from the crowd. With the Olympus E-M1, I can shoot raw and lift shadows in PP. Plus the thing is built like a tank and I can use it to belt the opposition supporters.'

    Mavis, a fellow United supporter, seems to agree 'Yeah Keisuke Honda, know what ya mean. He's a bit of alright. Wouldnt mind getting in the back of a Honda. Ha ha geddit ...geddit'
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    "I'm David Bailey' and 'Cor...blimey...look at the legs on 'err' are pretty much written into the anals of camera marketing."

    I'm sure you meant to write the "annals" of camera marketing. But where Olympus' US marketing is concerned, "anals" may be more appropriate