stairs inside a lighthouse.

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    Here is a shot that was used for a full page in Our State magazine back in March 2008. I don’t normally show items not shot with the m 4/3 system that I own today, but someone might like to see just what type of photos do get published. I only shoot raw, and I was able to go back and improve this shot because I can do better P.P. today than I could in 2008. In fact, this shot would be so much easier using my G3 because of the swing out screen, I had to really bend my head to take this shot. I reworked this with LR3 and Nik Color Effect Software. At the time, the magazine put out a request list of shots, and this was for a photo essay, “Steps Above the Rest”. It was all about steps, and I was able to get two full pages in the magazine. Always listen to your wife. While I took this one, she asked after lunch if I had seen another stair in the town we were in and I hadn’t. She is a big help to me as she being a English major can write the articles that go with the pictures. Today, that seems to be a major plus. If you can submit a whole article to go with the photos.

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    I've always enjoyed this kind of shot - very well done. It's obvious why it was published. :thumbup:
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