St. Mary's Church


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Apr 2, 2010
Asturias, Northern Spain
This church (Santa Maria del Naranco) is situated about halfway up Mount Naranco (2,080 ft) which is the ‘hill’ that protects Oviedo, the capital, from the north. It was built by King Ramiro I of Asturias as a country palace, probably for hunting, and was completed in 842 AD but was converted into a church during the 12th century. It was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1985.
In the first two pictures you can see the altar in the space behind the two columns and the last photo shows more detail. This part of the church has been inaccessible for many years – but this last photo was taken in 1972 (probably with a Werra 1) – before the prohibition. I also had the privilege of attending a wedding there. My flatmate at the time, an American, (at that time I was living in Oviedo) married a girl who lived about a kilometer further down and, as it was her parish, after getting special permission she was allowed to use the church for the ceremony. Memorable.


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Jan 13, 2010
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Thanks Barrie - but they weren't 'rendered into black and white' they are straight out of the camera (E-PL1, Monotone, Contrast +2, Yellow Filter)
Very interesting to know - wish I'd know that when I still had mine.

Lovely tones and so great to know your personal connection with St. Mary's, Colin. My favorite is the one with the man striding across the front of the church. I have to go back and look again since it's an attachment and I can't scroll back quickly. Yup, that's the one - love the pieces of light gracing this fellow's arm and part of his coat, the column above and then the view through what looks like an open archway on the left. Very well done.
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