St Albans Street Festival 2013 (Quite a few images)

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    Jan 13, 2011
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    Took this last month but didn't have time to look at them. Weather was cloudy. I had the EM-5 with P.25 mounted. Shoot in JPG. Cropped in LR. I think I did OK to capture the mood of the day.

    yo_snake-41.jpg yo_snake-4.jpg yo_snake-2.jpg yo_snake-14.jpg yo_snake-1.jpg yo_snake-7.jpg yo_snake-6.jpg yo_snake-16.jpg yo_snake-20.jpg yo_snake-31.jpg yo_snake-8.jpg yo_snake-32.jpg yo_snake-27.jpg yo_snake-34.jpg yo_snake-35.jpg yo_snake-36.jpg yo_snake-37.jpg yo_snake-30.jpg yo_snake-38.jpg yo_snake-33.jpg yo_snake-23.jpg yo_snake-15.jpg yo_snake-21.jpg yo_snake-42.jpg yo_snake-26.jpg yo_snake-18.jpg yo_snake-19.jpg
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