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    A pair of Spotted Flycatchers were found nesting in the Ivy covering the North wall of an old stone house nearby. Typically for a bird feeding young in the nest they always use a particular perch from which to assess the area for danger before flying to the nest. If anyone or anything is around they stay for longer on the perch shouting "ick" until the perceived danger passes. In this case the perch was an electricity cable from the house to the stables. Spotted Flycatchers were once common in villages and hedgerows but their number has declined rapidly and they are now locally scarce with only about twenty pairs or so known to nest in Lincolnshire last year. This is such an iconic bird that the presence of a nesting pair always draws local birders in, fortunately I was only the third one to visit as it is only 1 mile from my house.


    E-M5 plus M 75-300mm

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    Beautiful shot, very sharp. :thumbup:
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    Why has their number declined :confused: