Spec Work Bad For Photographers?

Discussion in 'Open Discussion' started by RT_Panther, Jun 26, 2013.

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    Spec word is a huge "cancer" within the creative industry. I work as a designer, where spec work is massive. There's kids out of school doing work literally for free, which "most" of the time, is crap, or they end up not hearing back from the "client", etc.

    The only way to kill spec work is saying "no". If all of us say "no" to spec work there wont be anymore.

    And the typical excuse from kids about spec work is "but i gotta so some stuff to put out there so i can get my work out" nowadays, just grab your thing, do some personal project, work it out with what you have, do it because you love doing it, put it on a blog or a website, spread the website out. If the work is good you will do good, if not, work harder. simple. You dont need to work for free for someone that has never been interested in your work in the first place, they just want free.

    This applies to photography. but then again, this IMHO.
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