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Discussion in 'Other Systems' started by JohnF, Nov 3, 2013.

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    Sony came to the rescue of Olympus in their hour of need. That's a fact.

    Olympus switched to a Sony sensor for their newest offerings, away from Panasonic. That's also a fact.

    But now the speculation: Sony seems to abandoning the APS format for full frame, given that the NEX line has been dropped. The JPEG engine appears to be mightily improved on the new offerings.

    Where might the two go with this? Micro-4/3 to attack canonikon APS DSLR, sales of which are far off target, while Sony, with judicious help from Olympus for JPEG and Zeiss far lenses, attacks canonikon FF offerings while allowing lens use via adapters? That's how I am reading the partnership...

    My expectation/speculation is that Sony lenses will show a marked improvement as Olympus helps behind the scenes, while Sony will provide some smashing good sensors that will make more people see the light of how brilliant the 4/3 concept was/is.

    What is missing is the ability to use canonikon AF lenses in AF mode.
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    As you say, all speculation, but I don't think there's a lot of evidence that Sony is dropping APS. They're adding full frame and they're dropping the Nex NAME, but the speculation I've read is that they'll still be developing APS based e-mount bodies. Although it would make some sense for future lenses to be compatible with both full frame and APS. If they drop the Nex interface in favor of the RX or "A" interface, I'd have zero problems with that. I got along well enough with the Nex interface when I've used them, but the RX1 interface is one of my favorite combinations of ton's of options presented relatively simply. I love shooting with that camera in a way I've never come close to with any other Sony. The A7 / A7r and the RX10 both seem to use the same one, down to the exposure compensation dial, so hopefully they standardize around this interface and continue to tweak it going forward...

    You might be right, of course, but I think it's a very premature assumption at this point...

  3. I would point out that the A7 does not herald a completely new camera. It a NEX with a full frame sensor and a new name. The lens mount remains unchanged, so it's hardly a stretch to continue offering the APS-C range.
  4. Ulfric M Douglas

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    Oh not this again ? ; :eek: 
    Stop repeating utter nonsense like that! :mad: 
    Doh, they only changed the name.
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