Some "wrap-up" images (pic heavy)...

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    Was culling and decided to post some of my favorite images from Korea:

    From the Chinhae Cherry Blossom Festival:

    Blossoms 9.jpg

    Blossoms 5.jpg

    Busy Bee.jpg

    Sandra's Tulip.jpg

    Areas around Chinhae...a lamp at sunset inside a Japanese garden:

    Japanese Garden Lantern.jpg

    Forest path:

    Sunset Path.jpg

    This was taken using an old Nikon 55mm lens...I like the "dreamy" feel:

    Modern & Ship.jpg

    Some pics from the Fall season taken in Bukhansan Forest:



    A view of last year's "Super Moon" as seen from north side of the Han River at 5am:


    And last but not least, no visit to Korea can be complete without a visit to the DMZ:

    The "not so Welcome Wagon:"

    NK guards taking pics.jpg

    The same soldiers getting a closer look at the group I was with. Notice their choice of camera:

    NK guards taking pics 3.jpg

    The North on the other side of the door:

    NK behind the door.jpg

    And the 600lb. flag flying above a fake village:

    NK flag over fake village.jpg

    Thanks for looking.
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