Some thoughts on the E-M1 in use

Discussion in 'Olympus Cameras' started by sgoldswo, Oct 30, 2013.

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    No magic to my views on the E-M1, it's a less flashy camera with more capability for getting the shots you want. The only things that really annoyed me were the lens release button and the hotshot cover.

    I do feel that certain lenses are made to look either better or worse with the AA less sensor.

    Nevertheless, I think this is an exceptional camera. I just need to spend more time with it and my voigtlanders. :smile:

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    Jan 11, 2013
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    Nice shots! Love The Shard photo.
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  3. sgoldswo

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    Cheers - that light was gone in about 10 seconds, I was very happy to shoot it. I would argue that the general speed in operation (not AF because the was my Voigtlander 17.5, rather speed of turn on an operation) and customisability (assigning buttons for MF presets etc) of the camera is what allowed me to take that shot.
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    Oct 17, 2011
    Excellent review! How do you like the EP5 in comparicing if I may ask?

  5. sgoldswo

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    I like the E-P5 a lot (it was invaluable for my recent trip to see Fleetwood Mac), but I do think that it would have made more sense to integrate the EVF into the body. There's no getting away from the fact the E-P5+VF-4 is taller than the E-M1.

    I think I will keep the E-M1, but that's a "head" not "heart" decision. I think the E-P5 is more fun in use, but the E-M1 gives more functionality to get the shot you want. The E-M1 is also a lot nicer and more comfortable to use with the Voigtlander primes, which weighs heavily in its favour. That aside, the E-P5 is (almost) everything a M43s camera should be, small with great image quality. My only reservation is the VF, but that's a big one (for me).
  6. pdk42

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    Jan 11, 2013
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    I 100% agree with you about that. I have an E-PL5 and it's my take-everywhere camera. IQ is excellent, but it's compromised by having too few dials and no integrated viewfinder. The E-P5 would fix the former, but sticking the external finder on is no substitute for an integrated finder. I thought the GX7 would answer my needs, but having handled one, I'm really not convinced about its 'feel' but more importantly I really didn't take to the EVF - it has a 'tunnel vision' feel to it. Very subjective I know, but there it is!

    I do love my E-M5 though, it's just that it's not as compact as the E-PL5 and as a consequence it tends only to come out when I'm making a determined photo outing; the E-PL5 on the other hand is always with me and as a consequence, I get more of my interesting images with it.
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    Well we'll see about that. The E-M1 really grows on you after a few weeks. Once you have worked out all the settings - and I suspect that it takes an E-M5 user about 3 weeks to do that - the camera is a lot of fun to use because it is so easy to use. You can switch in and out of settings in with a press of a button, wakes up from sleep in half a second. I just find it an incredibly fun camera to use because it does exactly what I want when I want it.
  8. sgoldswo

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    I can well believe it - more capable/functional cameras are often difficult to love at first but end up being off the scale useful. I can compare my D800E, which I hated in first use, but now i get more of the available settings and functionality I really value. Equally, there is clearly a far more capable array of functions available on the E-M1.

    I pretty much know I will keep the E-M1 because it challenges me to use it and to create photos that I can compare to DSLRs with it. It does beg to have the best glass mounted on it though!
  9. sgoldswo

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    The E-PL5 is a nice camera and I can see how it leaves the house more as a take anywhere camera. I have the excuse of carrying a Billingham Hadley Pro as my work bag, so I can fit a DSLR or the E-M1 plus lenses with ease (not that my chiropractor would agree when he treats my bad back!).