Some Tanzanian wildlife - Safari

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    A few shots from our recent trip to Tanzania, where my girlfiend was working as a volunteer for a few months. Some still need final tweaks, but put most up on Flickr because friends and family were pestering me for photos. The Safari shots are all the E-M1, and almost all shot with the 50-200 SWD, most with the 1.4x teleconverter mounted. Occasional crops for those subjects who were a little too far away. A few highlights below:

    Love this 'portrait', despite the fact there's a touch of camera shake (ISO 3200, 1/60 sec and full zoom extension at 283 mm, handheld - still impressive for the IBIS in my book - not sure I've embedded the sRGB profile correctly though...)
    15328431381_d11911e5c4_c.jpg Speak No Evil by mattia_v, on Flickr

    Baby baboons are both ugly and adorable.
    15144913517_a06762a51f_c.jpg P5280117_DxO by mattia_v, on Flickr

    Elephants, Lake Manyara National Park
    15331144112_d7474ecf37_c.jpg P5280293_DxO by mattia_v, on Flickr

    Lions in the Serengeti
    15308420026_8356ae9024_c.jpg P5290449_DxO by mattia_v, on Flickr

    ..and playing in the mud
    15331154552_c9f558860e_c.jpg P5300772_DxO by mattia_v, on Flickr

    15144880348_efe0aeceec_c.jpg P5300999_DxO by mattia_v, on Flickr

    A family portrait:
    15331474705_3bf3f0f31a_c.jpg P5301016_DxO by mattia_v, on Flickr

    15331176582_4bce7ab503_c.jpg P5311469_DxO by mattia_v, on Flickr

    15328318171_b46bea4f08_c.jpg P5311495_DxO by mattia_v, on Flickr

    Feeding Frenzy
    15144944367_344ae6e18c_c.jpg P5311418_DxO by mattia_v, on Flickr

    15328246301_4466ee7acb_c.jpg P6011663_DxO by mattia_v, on Flickr
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    Nice! :2thumbs: