Some scenes from Northern Arizona

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    (All pictures clickable for full res.)

    This is not a set of shots from Grand Canyon or Antelope Canyon or Horseshoe Bend. Those places are absolutely gorgeous, of course, and pictures from there are always breathtaking. This is a set that for some reason or another are near and dear to me; just a handful of shots that I personally really like that I hope to share with you folks and get feedback.

    My wife and I went to a place near Flagstaff a couple months ago with the dogs and I took some pictures that were different from what I usually go for. This was both due to necessity (no vantage points that had views of insanely vast expanses of landscape from our location) and we had three dogs, so we really didn't have time to set up and go nuts. Here are a few of my favourites:


    Aspen Golden Light

    Golden clouds

    Pine Golden Light

    Fast forward a couple months, and we found ourselves in Sedona for the eclipse weekend. The first one is a composite consisting of 20-25 pictures. After going through the 1000+ pictures I took over a span of 6 hours, I selected 60-70 of them. What you see here is a composite of 20-25 pictures. Multiple versions of the same subject (foreground or various phases of the moon) were used to bring out details that would otherwise be lost in shadows or extremely bright areas. Obviously, the moon in the picture is bigger than what we would see in person, but this was done specifically to show the details and beautiful colours of the moon seen through the event. This picture is NOT meant to scientifically accurate.

    Sedona Eclipose Composite

    Just as we were about to pack up and leave, I turned around saw a beautiful scene that had been unfolding behind me. Hard to believe that moon light can bring out so much colour in the plants and the red rocks of Sedona. I had to capture it:

    Moonlit Sedona Landscape

    Comments, questions and constructive critiques are always welcome.
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