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May 20, 2014
Hello! New member here. I have a Panny G3 and i am thinking of getting external flash. I read the reviews of the flash, Mu-43 lightning forums posts and there are things i still don't understand.
1. I plan on using the flash mostly on the camera so i have to ask will it work if i just attach it to the hot shoe?
2. What is the difference between the second and the third mark? Radio transmission build in? Will that save money on accessories or make my life easier in any way? I may use the flash off the camera for side lightning and stuff like that. What will i need (cord, trigger or something i haven't heard of)?
3. The flash weights as much as the camera body. I want to ask someone who used that or similar weight flash on micro four thirds body. Is it going to feel "flash heavy"? Do you think the handling of the camera is awkward with a big flash attached?
4. I may upgrade to e-m5, but i read there are some problems with the flash due to the lack of pop up flash on the body (or something like that, i don't remember exactly what i read cause it was some time ago). Can someone confirm or deny that?

PS: Sorry if there are grammar mistakes, english is not my native language.


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Jul 23, 2012
just from my own limited experience:

1. i have a yongnuo 560 mk2 and it fires when attached to the hot shoe of my olympus mu43 cameras.

2, from what i've read, yes the mk 3 has a built in receiver, but only helpful if you have any one of the the two transmitters it's compatible with, namely the yongnuo 602 and yongnuo 603.

3. yes, the flash is quite big especially compared to (most of) our cute mu43 cameras.

4. won't be a problem if you use radio triggers to trigger it off-camera. i use phottix strato 2 radio triggers for my nikon D600 and found out i can use them on my e-m5 as well!! maybe it's a problem for those trying to use it as a slave... you'd need an on-camera flash to trigger it then.


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Jan 19, 2012
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I've used the Yongnuo 560 III with a Panasonic G3, so I'll try to provide some answers.

1. It will fire when attached to the hot shoe. However, there's no TTL metering, so you'll have to dial in your flash settings manually.

2. The mk III's built-in receiver is really handy, especially when paired with the Yongnuo triggers. (I'm not sure if they're able to work with other brand transmitters.) If you get the Yongnuo transmitters, get the 603II -- they will work with m43 camera bodies without modifications needed. The transmitters are very useful for off-camera flash as well as being used as a remote shutter with the appropriate camera cable.

3. When mounted on the G3, the camera does feel a little top-heavy and does look a little funny. But it never really felt unbalanced in handling and shooting. On a smaller camera body like the E-PM2, yes, it does feel awkward, but the G3 is heftier and more ergonomic. The larger grip of the G3 helps.

4. I don't have an E-M5 so can't speak to that.


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Apr 10, 2012
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I've used my 560mkII's with the E-M5 and the factory add-on flash. If you put the Yongnous into S mode they will optically slave to the camera's flash. Of course, the camera flash will be part of the exposure; if you want to use the E-M5 flash as front light, that's fine. Otherwise you should get radio triggers. I've used the Cactus v5 triggers with the E-M5 and 560s with no problems.


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Sep 25, 2010
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I have 3 Yongnuo 560 iii as well as 2 Olympus flashes

1) Sure the Yongnuo will work off your hotshoe. However it is a totally manual flash so you will have to put in your own settings. The Oly flashes have TTL (only on camera) and FP which allows syncing with high shutter speeds.
2) The built in receiver is useful in that it saves space. It is compatible with the Yongnuo transceiver which is just US$25. Yongnuo say they are coming out with a special transceiver for the 560 iii. This will allow you to control the power out put for the 560 iii directly from the camera when the flash is off camera. This sounds like an awesome feature.
3) Yes its a big flash. I have an E-M1 and the Oly Fl600r, even that much smaller flash seems awkwardly large on a relatively large M43 body to me. If you are using the flash on camera, the Fl600r is clearly better but it is 3x the price.
4) I have never really liked the pop-up flash triggering the off camera flash solution (on the EM5/EM1) - it is an extra bit of kit which creates poor results. It is very unreliable especially out doors and is limited to direct line of sight. When a yongnuo transceiver is just US$25 it just doesnt make sense other than to go with a radio based solution.

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