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Jan 29, 2010
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I believe that there are digital frames that can read GIFs, but a lot of people simply use a normal LCD screen and connect it to a suitable device. I think the one in your link can be in either portrait or landscape mode, depending on your images. Some use their TV when not watching anything and the program is probably better than the crap that's being broadcast.

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Mar 7, 2014
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Yeah, when I get around to it, I'm going to enable a screensaver on my HTPC/TV.

Dunno of any screensavers that do animated GIFs but there may be a couple.

I like the idea of that digital frame, in that it's self-contained and looks nice, but the aspect ratio is downright silly.

I know a Rasberry Pi with a decent panel would work, but 4:3 panels are getting harder and harder to find. I've got some 19" ones but they say DELL in huge letters :(

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