Some Lancashire Industrial History

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    A walk this afternoon along the Bridgwater Canal brought me to the Astley Colliery Museum. The pictures just seemed to beg to be in B&W so here goes:

    The Pit Headgear is the only one left in Lancashire - started in 1908, the pit only lasted 62 years and closed in 1970


    Another view


    Inside the Winding Shed - there is still a massive steam engine, one of the largest ever built for coal mine use, and definitely the largest still in existence - this is a detail from the windig drum


    And it was all there so pairs of these could be wound up and down the shaft at maximum speed - 26 feet per second over a depth of 801 metres (thats half a mile in real money!), and capable of moving 8 tons of coal every two minutes!

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    b&w was a good call for such powerful geometry and contrast
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    I love that you did a great job seeing mankind in there....
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    I like that kinds stuff. I love 2nd image best. Really sharp with good detail.
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