Sold My E-PL1, kept the GF1



Has anyone else owned the EP1, GF1, E-PL1?
I owned them all - I sold the EP1 to get a M9, kept the GF1 as a awesome backup and alternative and then got intrigued by the E-PL1.... although a great camera, I felt it was too much alike the GF1 to keep them both. I will wait for the GF2. The E-PL1 was not too distinctly different to the GF1 to own them both.
Any comments?


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What made you keep the GF1 over the E-PL1? What do you prefer about it?

(or was it just you could get more money back selling on the E-PL1?)


What made you keep the GF1 over the E-PL1? What do you prefer about it?

(or was it just you could get more money back selling on the E-PL1?)
No - the GF1 and E-PL1 both do Raw, they handle about the same, but all my prior 4/3 lenses were already all Lumix (7-14,20,14-45,14-140,45-200, 45 Macro)
So I didn't need the E-PL1 in-body image stabilization.
I liked them both - the GF1 has a menu buttons and a wheel ... minor stuff really. I just didn't think the E-PL1 had anything in addition or new to the GF1. I shoot raw, not JPEG, so again no advantage here either...


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I have both the GF1 and E-PL1. I prefer the menu system of the GF1 but I like to shoot with 2 cameras with different lenses so I will keep them both for now although I may get another GF1 or it's successor eventually.


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i have the ep1 and gf 1 and use them both i too think the menus from panny are somewhat better,the ep1 will stabilize any lens but the gf 1 has it charms its excellent 14-45 and flash are useful to me at times

Sam Roberts

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I tried an E-PL1 in a camera store, I actually found the grip better than my G-F1 and also found the real time reflection of change in settings on the oly screen good too. I could hang the oly in one hand very easily, but need to grip my G-F1 with finger and thumb (I put a wrist strap from my old compact on for now, which helps a lot).

The AF on the oly was about the same in a bright shop as my panny in a dim room, a think a lot is made of AF speed, but I don't worry about it as the panny isn't lightning fast and I often focus manually anyway, the biggest pluses of the panny (And I would imagine other EP's) is build quality, styling, quicker controls (E-PL1 not bad though) and with the panny, that screen really helps with manual focus.

IS is nice to have, but I find it easy enough to get sharp shots using the right settings, a bit of technique/careful breathing and if I'm shooting long exposures, a tripod.

I must admit though, if I get my way and go snorkeling in the next couple of years, the water proof housing and wireless flash of the E-PL1 would be tempting.


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I tried a GF1 along side a PL1. IN the end the GF1 went back. It was a great camera, but I simply could NOT give up the VF-2, IBIS and those yummy colors right out of the cam as well as the better grip. For some the GF1 makes more sense. You could throw them both up in the air, grab one and have a decent choice. Fortunately they are that close.