COMPLETED SOLD - E-PL1 (black) w/Kit lens for sale - SOLD

Discussion in 'Completed Listings' started by Ray Sachs, Aug 5, 2010.

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    That was quick.

    Pictures combined with the bags and lens here:

    For Sale camera, lens, bags - a set on Flickr

    I've had this camera since the end of March. I've used the camera a fair amout, the lens not much at all after the first month or so. Despite the use, its in almost perfect condition. I looked as closely as I could and found a small scratch, near the hot shoe and captured it as well as i could in the photo in the above Flickr stream in the interest of full disclosure - you have to look for it to see it. I don't know precisely how many shots I've taken with it, certainly 2,000, possibly as many as 3,000 - I seriously doubt its more than that. It operates flawlessly. The lens has likely only been used for several hundred shots, probably less than 500?

    I'm selling it because I bought an E-P2 - I used both on my recent European trip but don't see myself walking around with two cameras in day to day life and by the time I go on another trip where I'd like to have two, I'll likely also have an E-P6 or something. This epl1 mostly stayed in the bag on the European trip, with the 9-18 lens mounted, and only came out for specific shots where that lens was warranted. It was only used for a few hundred shots and basically took no abuse on the trip - unlike the E-P2 which looks pretty worn around the edges now.

    I have all of the original packing material, box, manuals, and you get a brand new charger, strap, and all associated cables because I never unwrapped the ones from the E-P2 so I'm just gonna stick those new ones in the box with this.

    As far as modifications, I have an LCD screen protector on the back and a lens cap keeper on the front - nothing else.

    The cheapest I see this setup for new is $523 at B&H - most places its still about $600. I'll sell this for $400 shipped in CONUS.

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