"Snowy" beach

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  1. During the month of May, we always have a period of some kind of "snow" on the beach. During a short time frame, large amounts of a gelatinous mass are carried by the waves and the wind to the shore. This mass is in fact what remains of large colonies of dead algae (Phaeocystis), embedded in a gelatinous matrix. It is impressive to see, but also a pain in the xxx (it stinks, and it sticks to shoes and a dog's coat).
    Don't know if this is something international or only regional.


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    Mar 21, 2014
    It looks a lot like the foam that gets whipped up in the shallows at the lake when the waves at pounding. Neat phenomonen, I really like the texture in the 2nd photo.

    Reminds me a bit of the real snow I saw on a sunny day in April. Warm enough for t-shits, but the lake was still totally frozen over, kind of surreal:

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