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    Just wanted to share my impressions of a new bag I picked up for traveling personal item and general purpose commuting etc.

    It's the Pacsafe V16 as listed in the title:

    First off, I'm a big guy as far as width goes but not height. 5'11" and 250lbs on a good week and built like a gorilla or a fantasy dwarf in that I wear a 54" jacket and have 20" biceps and have a big (COPD made) chest so I have some trouble with typical backpacks and slings due to usually needing an extra bit of length in straps to be comfortable around the chest and shoulders. I was able to get just enough on this bag to fit well without the bottom buckle causing any problem for me and a friend at work who's 6'4" and normal build for his frame was also quite comfortable with it pulled in a bit more than I had it.

    Materials feel excellent. Build quality is also excellent. This is my first pacsafe bag and they have obviously taken an extreme amount of care in designing a bag to thwart non-violent theft. You can see the zipper clamps in a few shots below. On their site they go into their material reinforcements which thankfully do not seem to add too much weight to the bag. It feels quite light to me and pleasant to carry and wear when loaded. If I can remember the next time I do a full load with it, I'll lay out the contents, shoot and weigh it then update the thread.

    I placed some biners around the bag to pop on a few things that I tend to carry with me here and there depending on where I'm going. The bag fits easily under airline seats and unstuffed measures ~9.5"X7"X18. The buckle is sturdy and would be difficult for a thief to undo quickly. The strap is comfortable and well padded.

    My only real complaint is that after all the effort that was obviously put into the bag design, the zippers that were used could have been better. Zipper quality is a pet peeve of mine though so I am probably hyper critical of them. I use high end back packing equipment and sleeping bags as well as Briggs & Riley luggage so I'm used to some pretty nice zippers and this bag was actually pretty affordable as far as that stuff is concerned. It was $149 which I think was a very good deal considering the fit and finish as well as the anti-theft deterrents added to the bag. Make no mistake though, they are perfectly workable. Just not as smooth as I could hope.

    When the bag is slung around to your chest, it makes for a stable elbow rest and is very comfortable.

    I'm coming from a big crumpler and a briggs backpack as my travel bags while having to check clothes so this is a welcome downsize. I'll be down to a briggs spinner carry on and this as my personal item now. That along with one of my Scottevest jackets or vests and I should be good for fairly long trips now without checking any luggage.

    Hope this was helpful for someone.

    iPad Air and iPhone 5s shown for size comparisons.

    Removable ICU. I currently have my filters, Oly charger, cable, flash as well as an Apple TV, HDMI and power cable (for work presentations) all stowed in the back of the ICU out of site in this shot. There is room for two more lenses (one large, one small) and another if I carry my camera and a lens strapped on my person.

    Better shot of the card/battery pockets above the ICU compartment.

    Lots of cables, medicine, wallet, passport etc. The large pocket is RFID protected.
    I easily got my Scottevest Fleece or other types of clothing in this top compartment above the ICU without stretching. If I stuffed it, I could pack in a change of non-wrinkle concern clothes.

    Mesh pocket in the top compartment is where I stored my phone/ipad charger and a few other misc items. quite a bit of room. Mesh seems relatively strong.

    You can add a bladder if you wish, there is tube routing available as well as a nice top handle.

    Rain fly included in a bottom pocket that I will likely replace with a personal rain jack that could double as a rain fly if needed to maximize space.

    Zipper stays to help discourage pick pockets.

    Laptop Pocket. I was able to place my large Dell Latitude without any trouble but only plan to carry my iPad and a few misc items back there.
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    Me likey. Thanks for taking the time to review and post.
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    Nice review! Beautiful bag.

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    Thanks for the review. Do you find some smaller items slipping into bottom compartment through the drawstring pouch? I don't see a hard separation between top and bottom compartments.
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    Sorry for the long time on this reply. I don't have the subscription to this thread any longer and not sure why.

    There is a drawstring separation between the top and bottom compartments. No problem at all. You can close it up tight and nothing changes compartments or you can open it up if you have something longer (think compact tripod) or if you want to remove the camera pod and use it as a normal pack with more room.
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