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    Nov 26, 2012
    I wanted a wide fast lens for taking photo's inside temples and the SLR f1.6 12mm looked like best option I could find, I like this lens a lot, 12 mm seems to fit my needs and I like the images it produces, it's very heavy for its size it feels like it's a solid block of steel, build quality is excellent.
    It's been my most used lens on the trip so far
    negative points
    It's manual focus, I have focus peaking on the gx7 so not a big deal even at wide open and set to hyper focal the range in focus is from 3 meter to infinity
    size and weight neither of which is a big deal ( for me ) but lighter and more compact would have been better
    lens cap is metal and screws on so gets left off a lot, I think I will try to get a plastic push fit cap
    Although you can use a 58mm filter it shows in the corners at full aperture so needs a step up ring and larger filter

    Couple of images

    17132321831_457a9b8aaa_b.jpg Snapseed-25 by -oxhouser-
    16518333634_dc3b0c4346_b.jpg Cambodia-18 by -oxhouser-

    17114982346_31548d8cb1_b.jpg Cambodia-51 by -oxhouser-
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