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    This is a short review of the newest acquisition for my travel photography kit, the Slik Sprint Mini II aluminium travel tripod with ball head. I love this tripod - I think it really fits with the m4/3 ethos. Finally, no more wondering whether to lug a tripod on a trip or not!

    First, the facts:
    • 780 g including head
    • 2 kg max carry weight
    • Just under 35 cm tall, 7.5 cm diameter across the legs, when folded up (including head)
    • 3 leg angles (~28°, ~50°, ~75°)
    • 15 cm standing with legs at most flat and bottom of centre pole removed
    • 109 cm standing with legs at most acute and centre pole extended
    • Center pole reversible for macro, and rotatable for panning
    • 4x3x0.7 cm quick release plate
    • 3x fast and secure lever locks
    • Foam grips on the legs
    • Comes in a case with a carry strap
    • Ball head is replaceable with your own

    Was considering the MeFoto Backpacker as well, but after trying it I went with this. My impressions:
    • Fits in a backpack nicely - the legs don't reverse so it folds to be a little longer than the MeFoto, but because they don't have to reverse around it actually folds to a much narrower profile and is therefore easier to pack.
    • Lighter than the MeFoto, and the reduced carry weight is no problem for my intended travel E-M5 setup.
    • The ball head is completely adequate. I don't mind the lack of dedicated panning head compared to the MeFoto - the centre pole can rotate freely for panning anyway. The lack of a bubble level doesn't bother me either - my E-M5 has a level in it. You can change the head anyway if you really don't like it.
    • The little quick release plate is perfect for the E-M5 - it does not cover the battery compartment, nor interfere with the flip LCD, and does not protrude from the body profile at all.
    • It's completely adequate stability-wise for the E-M5, I was pleasantly surprised by how stable this thing was - 4x sections versus 5x, as well as a retractable centre column, is good for stability.
    • Shorter maximum extension is not really a problem with a flip LCD on the E-M5.
    • More flexible with 3 leg angles and reversible column.
    • 3x lever locks rather than 4x twist locks - much faster and more reliable operation.
    • It's foam grips are nice in cold weather (I've suffered from this before!)
    • It's half the price of the MeFoto!

    Finally, a terrible Nexus 10 night time photo to give a sense of scale:
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